Our service commitment

Our highly professional, English-speaking drivers are at your service on Levibuses. High-quality friendly customer service and reliable, flexible and safe travel in comfort are the key in our business.

The journey is an integral part of the experience

Our company’s ideology is based on the saying that the journey is the best part of the holiday. Lapland is an incredible paradise for holidaymakers, and there is plenty to see – even from the bus window. This is why we place special emphasis on passengers’ travel comfort. Long distances are covered pleasantly and safely, and the journey can be a part of your Lapland Experience. We meet our customers at the airport, wishing them a warm welcome in Lapland. Special attention to customers is integral to our expertise. We know Lapland well, and serve as your guides, making use of all our local knowledge and skills. Our highly professional drivers are always ready to help and guide you with a personal touch. No wish is too small or too big.

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Additional services

Levibus offers a wide range of additional services to improve the fluency, comfort and safety of your journey. We have car seats for children, from babies and toddlers to schoolchildren, we offer catering services including purchases of food and drink, pick-up and serving. We also have a Euro-Wagon trailer for large quantities of luggage (for the minibus).

Prompt replies to requests for quotes and reservations

We strive to process all requests for charter services no later than on the following weekday (Mon-Fri) but will answer urgent queries sooner if possible. We always ensure the availability of fleet when a reservation is made and send an order confirmation by email. Please contact our sales service by phone in case of any last-minute requests, tel. +358 50 444 4125.

2019 service company award

The mission of Levibus, established by sisters Sinikka and Annika Repo, was to create a new, fresh premium-quality passenger transport service for the traditional transport sector in Lapland. Bus transport is not just a trip from point A to point B. Instead, the journey can be a part of the experience. Our state-of-the-art fleet and customer service seeking to provide a comprehensive, excellent service form the basis for the company’s operations and resulted in Levibus winning the highly appreciated award in a gala on 12 October 2019.