Bus and coach fleet to meet all needs

Long distances and snowy road conditions place high demands on the fleet’s comfort and safety.

Travel comfort

Travel comfort is number one in all our buses and coaches. All vehicles are new and modern, always in top condition, inside and out. Their features include USB charging sockets or 230 V power supply for charging mobile phones, laptops or tablets, a TV set for watching DVDs, table groups and/or folding seat back tables, comfortable seats with back and side adjustments, armrests, high standing room, atmospheric lighting, elegant interior trim and microphones. The vehicles are warm, even in the coldest winter weather.


Slippery, snowy and dark roads in the reindeer country place special demands on the fleet. All our vehicles are equipped with special extra lights, studded winter tyres and 3-point or lap safety belts. New vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art safety-enhancing drive technology, including automatic anti-collision warning, lane departure warning, side lights that light the sides of the road, reversing radars and GPS signals that help drivers to react and drive proactively. All vehicles are equipped with alcohol interlock systems.


Our fleet includes Mercedes-Benz Sprinter minibuses for 17, 20, 22 and 23 passengers. All vehicles have USB charging sockets in passenger seats, elegant interior trim, comfortable seats and high standing room plus a TV screen for watching DVDs. Due to variation in minibuses’ luggage compartment size, in airport transport the maximum number of passengers is 20. All minibuses are 2016-2018 models. Some of them are equipped with Wi-Fi.


Large coaches

Our fleet includes charter coaches for 50, 52, 55 and 58 passengers. The coaches have very large luggage compartments and clean toilet facilities, USB or 230 V charging sockets for mobile phones, laptops or tablets as well as comfortable seats with back and side adjustments, armrests, folding seat back tables, high standing room, atmospheric lighting and elegant interior trim. All charter buses have TV screens for watching DVDs. The charter coaches are 2009-2019 models. Some of the large coaches are equipped with Wi-Fi.


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